Letters Oct. 17 - Yearly options for pet licences should be considered

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We would like to address the new bylaw for the $75 one-time licensing fee for spayed/neutered dogs.

Our dog is 12 years old, this does not make sense for senior dogs that only have a short time left.

We are in our 70’s – this does not make sense to any senior that faces the very real possibility of having to leave Lacombe to live with their children at some point. It doesn’t make sense for younger citizens either, young families may have to relocate for work or for other reasons not yet known.

It is not fair for seniors, the unemployed or any one else on a tight budget.

This bylaw is so prohibitive people may choose not to licence their dogs at all, thus the city will lose the revenue required to enforce the very bylaw that they are trying to uphold.

Council should consider giving residences the option of a yearly or one-time fee.

-Bill and Anita Holmes,
Lacombe, Alta.

Respect for those in care

Individuals, such as the handicapped, seniors and people who require care due to medical or physical conditions, or who reside in lodges or nursing homes must receive quality care. It should be ensured they are not abused medically, verbally or physically by the staff who are looking after them. These staff must follow the guidelines 100 per cent of the time.

If that is not fulfilled, any acts of staff not following these government guidelines must be reported to the department of Protection of Persons in Care which can result in a large fine or even prison time.

Ton finalize, it is all staff working in the area of being a caregiver that must report any concerns to the Protection of Persons in Care.

-Joyce Redekopp,
Lacombe, Alta.