Letters Nov. 29 - Make sure your name's spelled correctly

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Dear Editor,

I was recently featured on the Twenty Questions page in the Lacombe Globe. Thank you to Miss Mary at the Library for nominating me.

It was fun answering the questions and it took longer than I expected. Most of them could be answered with a yes or no, or a simple one word response. But I think the purpose of such a questionnaire in a local paper is to get to know a person who lives and participates in the community. It took me a while to answer all the questions without divulging any embarrassing information about myself or my family. I think everyone should sit down and try it sometime!

Before it went to publication, I dropped by the Globe office to approve the final draft. I made sure everything was correct – at least I thought I did! In fact, when the paper came out, I picked up a couple of extra copies so I could send the page to some elderly friends. Again, I scanned the page without noticing any errors. But one of my friends caught the mistake and wouldn’t you know – my name is spelled wrong!

Now, I’m not one to carry a grudge, and I haven’t been carrying this on my shoulders for the past 49 1/2 years, but this isn’t the first time the Globe has misspelled my name and it also happened when the story was mainly about me.

For those who remember, weekly newspapers back in the day, covered local weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries and other local events. These were printed as news stories and usually included a picture. Incidentally, there was no charge for these items. Our wedding picture in 1969 was captioned with my new last name spelled wrong! I don’t actually remember it but I have proof. My mom and my grandma and probably most of our neighbours clipped these stories for posterity so there are likely a few copies in old scrapbooks still surviving in closets and attics in and around Lacombe.

So my advice to anyone: if you allow your name to be used in a newspaper, make sure it is spelled correctly!

-Maureen Pocock (or Pockock, or Poccock!)