MP Report: Your privacy is important

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Last week we found out that Statistics Canada is asking banks across the country for financial transaction data and personal information of 500,000 Canadians without their knowledge to develop a “new institutional personal information bank.”

What does that even mean?

The personal banking and financial transactions being requested include bill payments, cash withdrawals from ATMs, credit card payments, electronic money transfers and account balances of Canadians across the country.

Your personal financial information belongs to you.  Informed consent implies that every Canadian has the right to know what it is being accessed and for what purpose. This proposed new ‘Personal Information Bank’ represents a disturbing and unprecedented intrusion into the private lives of individual Canadians.  When Justin Trudeau was asked about in Question Period his response was essentially “because Stephen Harper wouldn’t do it, we will.”

There is a reason why Conservatives wouldn’t do it.  We know this is wrong. We understand right from wrong and we know that protecting the personal information of Canadians is an integral role of the government.

Recently a report was published that was over 800 pages in length citing Liberal privacy breaches in the last 19 months – 800 pages! This Liberal Government has shown time and time again that it does not take the privacy of Canadians seriously and can’t be trusted with the personal information they have access to.

If you think this breach of privacy is outrageous, you’re not alone. A recent survey found that 57 per cent of Canadians would not consent to having their personal banking data shared with Statistics Canada. Only 30 per cent said they would consent, while 13 per cent said they were unsure.

My colleague, MP Larry Miller, has sponsored e-petition 1924 to call upon Justin Trudeau to make certain this proposal doesn’t proceed.  If you think that allowing Statistics Canada to access your personal financial information without your permission is wrong, I would encourage you to add your name to the list of Canadians who think our privacy is worth protecting.

Canada’s Conservatives are against this personal information grab by the Liberal Government – we would put an end to this immediately and ensure that the privacy of Canadians is always protected.