MP Report: The UN Global Compact for Migration is bad news for Canada

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You may have heard about something called the “UN Global Compact for Migration.”

This sweeping agreement, which is expected to be signed by the Liberal Government in Morocco and more than 180 other countries in the next few weeks, establishes various measures and strategies to deal with the ongoing migrant crisis affecting different countries around the globe.

According to Anthony Furey in the Toronto Sun, there is much to be concerned about with this compact: “The pact is one of those things that when you explain it in brief, it sounds like the stuff of conspiracy theories – a global plan by faceless bureaucrats to effectively control our borders. But that’s not too far off the mark once you read through the document.”

Effectively, the Trudeau Liberals are signing us on to an agreement that could take away our sovereign ability to control our own borders, our migration laws, and the autonomy of the immigration system.

The compact also contains concerning language that could dictate to media how to report on the migration crisis, with penalties in store for those who put forward critical perspectives of the issue.

Already, these concerns have resulted in many countries – including the United States, Australia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, and others – to drop out of the agreement, and there is immense pressure for other countries to follow suit.

With the Global Migration Compact, it’s becoming even clearer that Justin Trudeau is only interested in globalist policies, and doesn’t take the interests of Canadians, the security of our borders, or our sovereignty seriously.

By allowing 38,000 people to illegally enter Canada from the United States, Justin Trudeau has undermined the integrity of our borders and immigration and refugee system. Trudeau’s own actions – like his “Welcome to Canada” tweets – and his subsequent failure to respond to the issue are why this has become such a crisis today.

The Liberals should be immediately fixing the mess they have created at our borders rather than spending their time signing away our ability to determine our own migration laws.

I completely oppose Canada’s participation in the UN Global Compact for Migration. A future Conservative Government will withdraw Canada from this agreement and prioritize strengthening our borders and restoring order and fairness to our immigration system.