Spring thaw conditions causing water issues in Blackfalds

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Some residents in Blackfalds may experience a disruption in their water and sewer services, and the town is advising residents to keep an eye on spring thaw conditions at home.

According to the town, “record breaking temperatures in February coupled with quick spring thaw has resulted in the depth of ground frost penetrating deeper than normal, and in some instances causing water services or sewer services to the home to freeze.”

Residents, as well as business owners, may be able to detect these issues either through a drop in water pressure, or a lack of water to their home. Anyone who believes their home or business to be affected is asked to contact the Public Works After Hours call line at (403)340-9593.

Public works crews are working on thawing water services to homes affected in the order calls are received. Residents are advised that if there is an issue with the sewer line at their home that they may need to contact a plumber.

In a release, the Town of Blackfalds said they appreciated the patience of those impacted.