Shawn Tylke to run for Alberta Advantage Party in Lacombe-Ponoka

Shawn Tylke will run for the Alberta Advantage Party. Photo supplied

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Shawn Tylke is fed up and believes Albertans are, too.

The Alberta Advantage Party candidate for Lacombe-Ponoka says he’s fed up with both the federal and provincial government decisions, bureaucracy and politicians he believes only serve themselves and not the people.

Given the party’s main aim is, as its name states, bringing  the “Alberta Advantage” back, through what some may call a new iteration of the legacy Wildrose Party. Tylke believes that’s best done by putting power back in the hands of the people – people who are just like him.

“I am not a politician, but I know what I want. I know what Albertans want and I know Albertans need a voice after the election,” he said.  “The people need a voice. The people have never had a voice after an election – never. If people can’t have a voice, we can’t have a democracy. It’s a dictatorship and I’m tired of it.”

Tylke resides in Usona, Alta. which is about 20 minutes northwest of Ponoka on the west side of the QEII. He is the owner and operator of Warnke Drilling Ltd. and has a background in long haul trucking, feedlot operations, construction, landscaping renovations and more.

He says he’s never been as involved in politics as he is now, and a lot of it comes from being “irked” by the decisions being made by higher levels of government. A former conservative supporter, however, he says he doesn’t believe with the UCP or the NDP will really improve the lives of the average Albertan.

“I was a UCP supporter. I was a member, but the last four to six months I’ve been watching Kenney and his posts…He keeps changing his ideas, the numbers in his ideas.  It doesn’t seem like he has a solid answer or platform,” he said.

“Notley…there are so many people that think she’s done so well. In a nutshell, she doesn’t have a backbone. She’s never stood up for the people of Alberta. She doesn’t bend over backwards for Albertans – she bends over backwards for the federal government. That is not a leader for Albertans.”

The Alberta Advantage Party believes equalization, at least as it stands now, needs to go, and has pledged to stand up to Ottawa on the matter, and if Ottawa doesn’t like it, put separation on the table through a referendum.

Tylke says they’re not a separation party, but all options should be considered, which is one area where he became disillusioned with the UCP.

“Kenney said he is not for separation and does not even want to talk about it. I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “We need to talk about it at least. If you’re not willing to talk about things the people are concerned about, what kind of leader are you? You’re a dictator.”

One key area where the Alberta Advantage Party differs from the other parties is phasing out the carbon tax over a three year period, rather than axing it outright, which Tylke believes is a more sensible approach.

“I’ve had a lot of people comment on why we aren’t getting rid of it right away, but my comment back to them is the debt we’ve incurred over the last four years – how do you expect to pay that off?” he said. “What the other (parties) are going to do, killing the carbon tax, is they’re just going to bring in more tax. The money’s got to come from somewhere.”

The biggest challenge for the Alberta Advantage Party, he says, is making people aware options exist outside of the UCP and NDP. To that end, he’ll host a meet and greet on March 29 at 7 p.m. at the Best Western Plus Lacombe Inn and Suites.

He will take part in the All Candidates Forum in Ponoka at the Ponoka Legion on March 28 at 7p.m.

For more information, visit or contact Shawn Tylke directly at, through his personal Facebook, or at 780-361-8234.