Lacombe reminds to keep extension cords off sidewalks

City of Lacombe residents are reminded electrical extension cords cannot run across public sidewalks in a way that could create a tripping hazard. As per the traffic bylaw, they are required to be suspended a minimum of 2.4 metres above the sidewalk. City of Lacombe

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Regardless of how cold it might get, the City of Lacombe reminds residents to make sure their extension cords don’t become a hazard for pedestrians.

That’s right – if you’re going to plug in your vehicle, make sure those electrical extension cords don’t run across public sidewalks.

“We do live in a harsh climate, but the need for people to start their vehicles in cold weather must be balanced with the need for pedestrian safety,” said Director of Corporate Services Diane Piche in a release.

In fact, residents must ensure that any extension cords they choose to use are suspended 2.4 metres – eight feet – above the sidewalk at any time of year, not just when it’s cold out.

As stated by Section 404 of the City of Lacombe’s Traffic Bylaw 223: “No person shall place, or permit to be placed an electrical extension cord across a sidewalk or driveway whereby any person, animal, or vehicle may be in any way injured or damaged.”

Alternatives to running cords across sidewalks include creating a post that will aid in the suspension of the cords to the required 2.4-metre height.