Lacombe County's Alternative Land Use Services program ready for more participants

Hen houses installed near a wetland will help protect nests for ducks and other waterfowl. Lacombe County

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The ALUS Lacombe County program—which promotes sustainable agriculture through the delivery of an Alternative Land Use Services program—is looking for its next group of participants to join them for the 2019 program year.

“Since we launched ALUS, we have established some remarkable relationships and projects, and are putting out a call to producers and landowners in Lacombe County to come on board and help us grow this program even more,” explained Marilyn Sharp, chair for ALUS Lacombe County Partnership.

The ALUS program places a value on the delivery of ecosystem services and financially compensates landowners and agricultural producers a per acre rate for projects such as constructing off-site watering stations, planting trees, shelterbelts or natural vegetation, seeding grass or perennial crops around ecological sensitive areas, building hen houses, or establishing pollinator habitat – to name a few.

Since launching in 2017, the Lacombe County ALUS program has had:

  • -Eight landowners participate in the ALUS Lacombe County program (four in 2017; four in 2018)
  • Eight projects accepted for ALUS funding (for in 2017; four in 2018)
  • 138 acres enrolled in the ALUS Lacombe County program to improve ecosystems (55 in 2017; 83 in
  • $16,230 in compensation committed to county landowners for providing ecosystem systems for both
    2017 and 2018

“Each of these projects will lead to significant environmental impacts for the county as a whole, and will ensure we continue protecting sensitive lands and resources for future generations,” explained Jalene Makus, Lacombe County Assistant Ag Fieldman.

Anyone interested in participating in the ALUS Lacombe County program, or looking for more information, can contact Jalene at (403) 782-8959 or email

About ALUS Canada

ALUS works by putting projects on the ground. ALUS Canada channels the funding provided by individuals, governments, foundations and corporations where it can have the greatest real-world impact for the environment: by investing it in farmers and ranchers who are the stewards of Canada’s working landscape.

With more than 700 participants nationwide, the ALUS program is currently funding more than 15,500 projects. That’s more than 18,000 ALUS acres producing ecosystem services, like clean air, clean water and biodiversity, with valuable benefits for everyone.

The Lacombe County ALUS program is a community-developed, farmer-delivered program that is entirely
voluntary for local agricultural producers and landowners. It is overseen by a Partnership Advisory
Committee (PAC), comprised of local agriculture producers and landowners.