Highlights of Lacombe County council

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Walking trail expansion project

A motion for Lacombe County to contribute 25 per cent of the total cost (up to $45,000) toward the construction of the Eckville Walking Trail Expansion Project was defeated by council.

Eckville Friendship Centre/Outdoor multipurpose facility parking lot

Council defeated a motion to provide 33.33 per cent of the total cost (up to $60,000) towards the construction of the Eckville Friendship Centre and Outdoor Multipurpose Facility parking lot.

Bentley Community Hall

As Lacombe County’s practice is to support one community hall per community (in instances where there are two halls in a municipality), council defeated a motion to contribute $4,300 to cover the cost of exterior painting of the Bentley Community Hall.

County support

Council approved the following 2019 RC(9) funding applications:

  • $532 to Village of Alix Recreation for Canada Day 2019
  • $532 to Village of Alix Recreation for Alix Days 2019
  • $532 to Bentley and District Ag Society for the Bentley Fair and Rodeo
  • $532 to the Bentley Canada Day Committee for Canada Day festivities
  • $8,070 to the Town of Blackfalds for Blackfalds Days
  • $1,064 to the Village of Clive for Clive Funfest
  • $1,064 to the Town of Eckville for Eckville Canada Day festivities
  • $359 to the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre Foundations (LPACF) for Music in the Park
  • $359 to the City of Lacombe Arts Endowment Fund for Art in the Park
  • $9,329 to the Lacombe Days Association for Lacombe Days
  • $359 to Lacombe Regional Tourism for Canada Day Celebrations
  • $900 to the Lacombe East 4-H Beef Club’s 100th Anniversary
  • $900 to the Mirror and District Community Development Association for their May Day avent
  • $900 to the Mirror Recreation Society for their Easter/Spring celebration
  • $635 to the Mirror Recreation Society for the Children’s Halloween Party and Haunted House
  • $1,010 to the Mirror Recreation Society for the Christmas Celebration
  • $1,250 to the Joffre Community Association for their skate party, Easter, family barbecue, Canada Day and fall events
  • $275 to the Tees Agriculutral Society for their Spring Chili Cook-off and bingo
  • $275 to the Tees Agricultural Society for the Christmas Concert and Carol Festival
  • $1,100 to the Birch Bay Community Association for Family Day, July 1st fireworks and Beach Day barbecue
  • $1,000 to the Mirror District Skating Rink Society for Family Day
  • $532 to the Gull Lake Community League for Family Day, annual May clean-up day, Canada Day and Christmas Potluck
  • $532 for the Summer Village of Half Moon bay for July 1st Fireworks
  • $532 to Summer Village of Sunbreaker Cove for the Sunbreaker Cove Regatta
  • $532 to the Summer Village of Birchcliff for their summer celebration.

Gull Lake stabilization

Lacombe County council approved a motion to send a letter to Alberta Environment and Parks, asking them to consider investigating the use of a Geotube filtration system, which could keep Prussian Carp in the Blindman River from entering into Gull Lake at the time of lake stabilization pumping.

Operations Policy review

Following a review of Lacombe County’s current Operations’ policies, council approved the amended policies AD(10), OP(1) to OP(47), and RC(8) as presented. Policies OP(17) Sale of Material and OP(25) Road Surfacing – Residential Development were rescinded.

Conduit in road construction projects

Council accepted a presentation on the benefits and issues regarding installing conduits in road construction projects for information.

Gull Lake winter access

Council directed the county manager to prepare a report on the Gull Lake Winter Access Road (R.R. 1-0) for presentation at a future council meeting.

Leedale/Gimlet roads

A presentation on the Leedale and Gilmlet roads was received for information.

RMA 2019 Spring Convention

Council received for information the resolutions that will presented at the 2019 Spring Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) Convention.

Municipal Financial Indicator Graphs

Council was presented with a report on the Municipal Financial Indicator Graphs and on the Key Measures of Municipal Viability, which compares Lacombe County to similar municipalities in Alberta. This presentation was received for information.

Redesignation of land

Bylaw No. 1235/17, a bylaw of Lacombe County to amend the Lacombe County Land Use Bylaw No. 1237/17 to change the zoning of approximately 2.95 hectares (7.31 acres) located in the Pt. NW 21-29-2 W5M from Residential Lake Area “R-RLA” District to Agricultural “A” District, was read a third time and finally passed.

The next regular council meeting will be held on Thursday, March 14 at 9 a.m. at the Lacombe Country Administration Building.