Highlights from Lacombe County council - Oct. 24 meeting

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Brownlow’s Landing accretion
The community at the southern portion of Brownlow’s Landing on Gull Lake (Plan 1970 EO and NE 25-40-01-W5M) has been working with an Alberta Land Surveyor to develop a plan showing proposed apportioning of accreted land. Lacombe County has been presented with a draft survey plan of the proposed accretion, as Lacombe County is the registered owner of Lot P Plan 1970 EO.

Currently, Lot PPlan 1970 EO is municipal reserve land, and any accreted land would also be municipal reserve land. By resolution of council, the Brownlow’s Landing Proposed Accretion Survey Results were received for information. In addition, the county manager was directed to engage with the proponents of the accretion proposal.

Five Year Recreation Capital Plan
The Five-year Recreation Capital Plan was adopted by council subject to funding availability and grant funding. Council authorized the county manager to proceed with the 2020 projects.

Key Action Items Implementation Plan
An update on the Key Action Items Implementation Plan for the 2018 to 2023 Strategic Plan was approved
as presented.

Ag Plastics Program
The Agricultural Plastics Recycling Group (APRG) was formed in 2016 and membership includes the Recycling Council of Alberta, Alberta Plastics Recycling Association, Cleanfarms, Rural Municipalities of Alberta, the Provincial Agricultural Service Board Committee and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

In January 2019, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry announced a three-year $750,000 pilot project to address agricultural plastic waste. The APRG announced in June of 2019 that Cleanfarms was contracted to develop and operate a three-year pilot program.

By resolution of council, the county manager was authorized to enter into a Services Agreement with CLEANFARMS INC. ending April 1, 2022; and further, the County Manager was authorized to draft and sign a Service Agreement with the Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission, for the collection, storage, and loading of recyclable agriculture plastics ending April 1, 2022.

Extended Producer Responsibility Framework
The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) initiative is an alternative waste management framework.

Currently, municipalities undertake and fund waste management. EPR shifts financial responsibility from municipalities to producers and/or importers.

A resolution that Lacombe County forward a letter to the Minister of Environment and Parks in support of the Provincial adoption of Extended Producer Responsibility based waste management; and further; a copy of that letter be forwarded to MLA Ron Orr was approved by council.

Lacombe Performing Arts Centre Foundation
An application from the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre Foundation that Lacombe County contribute $70,469 towards the purchase of the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre was tabled.

Joffre Community Society
Council approved a resolution that Lacombe County contribute $3,106 towards the upgrades of the Joffre horseshoe pits; and further, that this contribution be funded from the County’s Recreation Capital Assistance Reserve.

QEII/Hwy 12 interchange planning study
Lacombe County will be a signatory on the letter with the City of Lacombe to the Minister of Transportation with regarding a Highway 2/12 Interchange Planning Study.

Sea Buckthorn
Bylaw No. 1299/19, a bylaw of Lacombe County to designate Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides) as a noxious weed received first and second reading on May 23, 2019. The bylaw required the approval of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, and approval of the elevation of Sea Buckthorn to Lacombe County’s noxious weed list was received from the Minister on September 11, 2019.

Bylaw No. 1299/19 was given third and final reading by council.

Wolf Creek Public Schools presentation
Representatives of the Wolf Creek Public Schools provided an overview of the programs and initiatives of Wolf Creek Public Schools.

The next regular council meeting is on Nov. 7, 2019 at 9 a.m. at the Lacombe County Administration Building.