Highlights from Lacombe County council Jan. 25

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Supplementary Assessment for 2019
A report on preparing a supplementary assessment roll for 2019 was received for information.

ALUS – Partnership Advisory Committee
Council appointed Greg Chernoff to the Lacombe County ALUS Partnership Advisory Committee for a twoyear term.

2018 State of the Environment Report
A five-year rewrite of the State of the Environment Report was completed for 2018, providing insight into
programming and climate trends in Lacombe County. Council received the 2018 State of the Environment
Report for information.

RDRMUG Chart for Protecting Sourse Water Quality
Council approved a resolution to sign the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group (RDRMUG) Charter for
Protection Source Water Quality in the Red Deer River Watershed and committed to completing two action
items to protect the watershed.

RMA patronage rebate
A letter from the Rural Municipalities of Alberta regarding a patronage rebate was accepted for information.

Borrowing bylaw
Bylaw No. 1295/19, a bylaw of Lacombe County to authorize borrowing for financing operating expenditures,
was read a first, second, and third time, and was finally passed by Lacombe County council.

Alta Link/Alberta Electric System Operator
Council received presentations from representatives of Alta Link and the Alberta Electric System Operator
(AESO), who provided an overview of their organizations as well as information/timeframes for the Central
East Transfer Out project.

Gull Lake Watershed Society
Members of the Gull Lake Watershed Society presented to council on a possible filtration solution that would
allow water from the Blindman River to be pumped into Gull Lake again.

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) suspended stabilization pumping because of the presence of invasive Prussian Carp in the Blindman River.
Council received the presentation for information and directed the county manager to prepare a report about the Society’s request to Lacombe County.

The Gull Lake Watershed Society also asked Lacombe County to consider supporting a wetland project,
which would be a four-year, $40,000 per year commitment for the project. The request was received for
information, and council directed the county manager to prepare a recommendation on the wetland
project funding request for a future council meeting.

BDO Canada LLP
BDO Canada LLP will be conducting an annual audit of Lacombe County and presented to council on the
audit process and their audit plan. Council moved that the BDO Canada LLP plan for the audit of
consolidated financial statements of Lacombe County for the period ending Dec. 31, 2018 be received
for information.

Lacombe Regional Airport
Council received a presentation from members of Lacombe Flying Club regarding initiatives, programs and
use of the airport, as well as funding, financial statements and the 2019/2020 budget. The presentation was
received for information.