Highlights from Lacombe County council - April 11

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Development Incentive Grant Program

The Development Incentive Grant (DIG) Program for the Hamlet of Mirror was approved as a three year pilot project and is due to expire in Sept. 2020.

Due to the lack of applications received for this program the
following resolution received the approval of council:

That council authorize the proposed branding strategy and advertising campaign to ensure that businesses, entrepreneurs and the general public are aware of the Development Incentive Grant (DIG) Program prior to
the conclusion of the pilot program in 2020.

Gull Lake ice fishing road

The removal of the gate and re-designation of all that portion of R.R. 1-0 north of Brownlow’s Landing as a Machinery Road received council approval.

The county manager was directed to send a letter to all area landowners advising of council’s decision.

Bashaw Arena Zamboni replacement

A resolution that Lacombe County contribute $5,000 toward the cost of the Zamboni ice resurfacer replacement project at the Bashaw Arena did not receive council approval.

Sea Buckthorn

The county manager was directed to prepare a report with regard to elevating Sea Buckthorn to a noxious weed status within Lacombe County for presentation at a future council meeting.

Temporary grazing of livestock along roadsides

As per council resolution Policy AG(15) Temporary Grazing of Livestock Along Roadsides is to be presented for council’s consideration at a future council meeting.

Hydraulic fracking water stats

A report on the hydraulic fracking water stats for Lacombe County was received for information; and further, through direction of council, Alberta Energy Regulators and Alberta Environment and Parks will be invited to
make a presentation regarding the use of water for hydraulic fracking at a future council meeting.

Teacher tour of agricultural operations

The county manager was directed to prepare a report to be presented at a future meeting with regard to conducting a teacher tour of agricultural operations in the spring of 2020.

Stem mining

A report on Stem Mining Weevils for Canada Thistle was received for information.

Verified Beef Program

A discussion regarding producer extension programs was received for information; and further, an article on the Verified Beef Program will be placed in the County News.

National Resources Conservation Board (NRCB)

A discussion regarding the NRCB approval process and compliance to conditions of approval was received for information.

Protein Alliance of Alberta

As per resolution of council a representative from the Protein Alliance of Alberta will be invited to provide a presentation at a future council meeting.

West of QEII Servicing Project

By resolution of council the county manager was directed to prepare a report to be presented at a future council meeting outlining the process and costs of the West of QE11 Servicing Project.

Town of Sylvan Lake – Pogadl Sport Park

Town of Sylvan Lake Mayor Sean McIntyre, CAO Wally Ferris and Ron Lebsack, Director of Community Services provided a presentation on the proposed Sylvan Lake Pogadl Sports Park Proposal. The presentation was
received for information by council.

The next regular council meeting will be held on Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 9 a.m. at the  Lacombe County Administration Building.