ECHO Lacombe hooked as World's Largest Fishing Lure contributor

Comet Welding General Manager Devon Hulsman stands alongside Thompson-Pallister Bait Co. Co-owner Brad Pallister during the public unveiling of the unofficial World's Largest Lure at the Len Thompson Fish Pond on Saturday. June 1, 2019. Ashli Barrett / Lacombe Globe

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The as of yet unofficial World’s Largest Fishing Lure hooked some further community support through the ECHO Lacombe Association.

On Wednesday morning, the association formally announced funding in the form of $20,000 to the Lacombe Fish and Game Association for the lure’s construction.

“Our board views a project that can deliver significant media attention and exposure to our community as a real positive,” said ECHO Lacombe Association President Drayton Bussiere in a release. “I understand there has been a steady stream of visitors to the pond already and we are excited to see that trend continue.”

The lure, a scaled-up replica of the Len Thompson No. 2 Five of Diamonds, was formally unveiled to the public on June 1, to coincide with the annual Kids can Catch event at the Len Thompson Fish Pond. Measuring over 40-feet long in length, and the spoon weighing nearly 2,600 lbs and the hook another 900 lbs., it was a way for Thompson-Pallister Bait Co., located in Lacombe, to celebrate their 90th year in operation.

“We wanted to find a unique way to celebrate our 60th year in Lacombe – 90th overall,” said Brad Pallister, who co-owns the company with his sister Jessica Pallister-Dew and father Richard Pallister.

“One of our employees suggested the lure concept and we were immediately sold. But the respons from the community and across the province has well exceeded our expectations. Working with ECHO Energy, Lacombe Fish & Game, and Comet Welding to make this project a reality has been a really rewarding experience.”

A view of the back of the unofficial World’s Largest Lure where it’s marked as a Len Thompson No. 90 in honour of manufacturer Thompson-Pallister Bait Company’s 90th anniversary. Ashli Barrett / Lacombe Globe

Application has now been made to Guinness, with dimensions submitted, for the “verification and confirmation of the world record,” which is currently held by a 15’6” lure in West, Texas.

The announcement of funding for community projects is just the latest for the ECHO Lacombe Association over the past couple weeks, and Bussiere says he’s proud of the momentum the association has been able to generate.

“Last week we were able to assist in making an important community project happen at Terrace Ridge School,” he said, referring to “Robin’s Nest,” – an beautification project that transformed a muddy portable construction area into a garden space for students and staff alike.

“Now we are happy to confirm our commitment to this great attraction. I think it is a testament to the responsiveness and flexibility our group has. Big or small, we can make great things happen for our city.”

The fishing lure now joins the garden, as well as the Echo Stage amongst projects funded in the community, in addition to local events from the Culture and Harvest Festival, Light Up the Night, and the Social Media Breakfast series.

For more information about Echo Energy and the Echo Lacombe Association, visit or contact Guy Lapointe at (403)782-1263 or via email at

Over 70 people line shore near the large fishing dock and the unofficial World’s Largest Lure Saturday during the Kids can Catch event. Even more attendees were scattered around the entire pond and shelters in what was the biggest turnout for the event ever. Ashli Barrett / Lacombe Globe