Blackfalds moving forward on Multi-plex Expansion

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The Town of Blackfalds is taking another step towards expanding the Blackfalds Multi-plex Arena.

After reviewing feedback from an open house last month through a Public Feedback Synopsis presented to council during their regular meeting Tuesday, town council voted unanimously in favour of moving on to the next stage in the process.

“It’s a budgeted stage where we’re going to ask the architect to go back and do the next set of designs with more detail in them,” said Blackfalds Mayor Richard Poole.

Not many changes are expected for the more detailed design, however, there will be an increase to the size of the space slotted for the library. The original designs included a 10,000-square-foot space, but that has been bumped up to 12,000 square feet at the request of the library board and staff.

At this point, however, council has no construction timeline, or idea as to whether the library would be part of the first or second phase – those will be decisions made following the receipt of final designs.

“We’ll invite the public back to look at those final designs, and from their reaction we get at that point we’ll make a decision as to what our next stage will be,” said Poole.

Preliminary estimates for the project include $15-16 million for the twinning of the arena and another $4 million for the library.

The Public Feedback Synopsis is available as part of the May 28, 2019 Blackfalds town council meeting agenda package, which can be viewed on their website at under the government tab.

Municipal Financial Audit services extension

Council directed administration to enter into a one-year agreement for the continuation of financial audit services from RSM Canada
(Red Deer) for the 2019 Fiscal Year.

Waghorn Street Repaving Project

Council awarded the Waghorn Street Repaving Project to Border Paving Ltd. for $167,923.25, with a total cost of $237,236.

FCSS Funding Allocation

Council approved the recommendation from the Recreation, Culture and Parks Board to allocate funding as follows:

  • Blackfalds Big Brothers and Sisters: $16,000.
  • Iron Ridge Intermediate Campus for School Group Work $1,350.

Total grant requests received equal $64,902.12 with available funding of $30,000.

FCSS Board Member at Large Resignation

Council accepted the resignation of member at large Sherri Klam from the FCSS Board and directed administration to advertise and
recruit for the two member at large vacancies on the FCSS Board.

2019 Blackfalds Days – Parade Candy Budget

Council approved a candy budget increase of $150 to a total of $1,150 for council to distribute at the Blackfalds Days Parade.

Blackfalds Girl Guides Request

In response to the Girl Guides request for support in finding a new space for their meetings, council deferred this to the Recreation, Culture and Parks Board for discussion at their June 5, 2019 board meeting with a recommendation to come back to council from the board for the June 11, 2019 regular council meeting.