Beware of what grows in the dark at Haunted (green)House

Jody Fowler gets into the spirit of Halloween as she sets works on setting up the Haunted (green)House at PJ's Plantation in years past. This year will be the last run of the Haunted (green)House. Ashli Barrett / Lacombe Globe

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You’re invited to take a walk through the haunted garden at Tees.

For the tenth and last time, PJ’s Plantation is opening their Haunted (green)House Oct. 25-28 to the public.

Created by owner Jody Fowler, the haunt located within PJ’s two greenhouse bays is truly family-oriented, steering clear of anything gory or particularly grotesque and instead is more “startle-scary.”

One section is a walk through for those looking to get spooked, but a separate section features games, crafts, displays and other activities that are fright-free.

In the past, they’ve seen an average of 80-100 visitors per night, marking it as one of the best rural haunts for the family – and the food banks for which they collect  food donations for.

“The generosity of the visitors coming to the haunted house has been nothing short of amazing,” said Fowler in a letter to the Lacombe Globe. “We collect so much food that we disperse the amount among three local communities’ food banks.

“It’s been a lot of fun – both for the volunteers and the visitors.”

In the past, the Haunted (green)House has taken on many themes, from pirates, medieval castles to a western ghost town and a menagerie of past themes as well.

The Haunted (green)House  is located on the southeast corner of Hwy 12 across from Tees and R.R. 24-0 (look for the blue sign that says 40331 R.R. 240). It will be open to “victims” (visitors) from 7 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Oct. 25-28.

Admission is free, but non-perishable food donations are appreciated.

For more information, call (403)348-9803.