• Trains shouldn't run through town

    The Quebec railway disaster hit home for many Lacombians as we recall the near miss back in 2001 when a train derailed near Lacombe’s downtown.
  • A common goal

    The issue of whether or not the city should help the Lacombe Athletic Park Association (LAPA) more caused a flurry of response.
  • LAPA wants more funding

    The Lacombe Athletic Park Association (LAPA) has returned to the city’s trough asking for more month.
  • Our editorial

    Lacombe taxpayers have an opportunity to weigh in on whether the city should purchase a $500,000 HotRot composter.
  • Blackfalds needs a high school

    Blackfalds needs a high school. The booming community of almost 7,000 is ranked as one of the fastest growing communities in Alberta and 14th in Canada.