• Clean up after storm continues

    Residents are still cleaning up after July 20 violent wind storm. Ruth Riffin from Rosedale Valley called the Globe to say that their area was hit hard as well with trees ...
  • Library's got talent

    Sound words of advice, therefore you know they were uttered by a child. “Miss Mary, if you got a haircut you might not look so old!” Sometimes the truth is ...
  • No more ‘wakes’ weeks

    The book sale at the library was a very successful event , raising money for the library and giving pleasure to many people.
  • Neighbours help neighbours

    Saturday night’s summer storm was the hot topic around coffee row the past few days. When the hail started hitting my window I thought it would definitely crack or bust it.
  • City responsive to developer needs: Mayor

    As Lacombe grows and develops over time, residents can rest assured that the city’s Planning and Development Services – which is responsible for coordinating land use matters with council and ...
  • More than a library

    The children are back! Your secrets are mine. I was informed by a three-your-old child that while we had our break from classes, her mother did not know what to ...
  • Anthems can be tricky

    I have received some interesting comments on the piece I did on the Canadian flag and the Union Jack, both positive and enthusiastic.