Coun. Creasey, not the mayor, willing to speak out: Reader

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Dear Editor,

Once again, it was Lacombe City Councillor Grant Creasey who stepped up to the plate. This time to point out that the city is spending  $120,000 on a cemetery design. 

“It has very little value in my opinion. We have an expansion that is basically a mirror image of the existing cemetery.  How creative – who would have ever thought of that?  The entire expansion could have and should have been done in house,” he was quoted as saying in the July 25 issue of The Lacombe Globe.

And so, at the end of the day, the city will take diamond 4 in the Kinsmen ball diamonds, to expand the existing cemetery. 

Fair enough.

But did the city really have to spend $120,000.00 of taxpayers’ money to arrive at that decision?  Surely we must have competent people employed by the city and a competent enough council and administration to arrive at that decision without the need to waste $120,000 to come to that simple conclusion.

And here is yet, just one more example of a problem with the administration of this city. A three–vehicle collision at the ineterseciton of Hwy 2A and 46 Ave, as reported in the Aug. 1 edition of the Lacombe Globe.  And then – THEN – the city activated flashing red lights at that intersection.  But wait, a railway employee working nearby said he had been calling the city all last week about the many near misses he witnessed, day after day.  And what did the city do in response?  Absolutely nothing, until a big collision occurred.  Then they activated flashing red lights. Why was nothing done, after it was pointed out to them by the railway employee, that there was an obvious problem. 

And who from council said there was a problem? 

Not Mr. Steve Christie.  No, again it was  Councillor Grant Creasey.  What is going on at city hall?  This is probably another law suit waiting to happen, because certain people aren’t doing the job that they are being paid to do.    

Maybe the city should call in Stantech for a consult.  Maybe they should spend a hundred thousand of taxpayer’s dollars on a study.  Or maybe, just maybe, they should just do their jobs.

H.R. Hunt