Thanks to a wonderful community

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Dear Editor,

My name is Cheryl Sager and I want to say a big thank you to the community of Lacombe. I moved here as a single mother with my two infant sons 20 years ago because I thought that this was a beautiful little town back then, a safe place to raise my children.

Twenty years later a lot has changed. This town is now a city and the population has more than doubled since we came, but it is still a beautiful place to live and the ‘great’ people have remained. Our lives, my sons’ and mine, have seen a lot of changes as well, and the people in this community have seen us through (and helped us through) a great deal of the successes and losses that we have experienced here.

My sons grew up here from kindergarten on, and were in the local news often, as their BMX successes were followed by this community. Michael, my youngest, became a world-class BMX racer at a very young age and that could not have been accomplished without the support that was given by our local businesses and community. Thank you so much for helping to make those years beautiful memories for both my boys and I.

My oldest son Dustin, has friends here he will have for life. For those of you who know of us, you will know too that Michael is no longer with us; we lost him almost six years ago. This community came out in full force with love and support for my little family during that very difficult time in our lives. With Michael gone and my eldest son grown and moved on, it is time for me to go, too. But this will always be home to me, and to the friends that I’ve known here (you all know who you are). I can never thank you enough for touching our lives in the ways that you have. Thank you Lacombe, I will miss you.

Cheryl-Lee Sager,