Storm clean up appreciated

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Dear Editor,

The spirit of “community” is still alive and well in Lacombe.

On July 20 our home in English Estates, as well as many of our neighbours, were hit hard by the wind and hail storm. Several very large poplar trees came down in our yard and on our house leaving a massive amount of clean-up from the resulting debris.

As my husband and son were both out of town, this was going to be a rather impossible job to clean up the mess. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful turnout of neighbours and good Samaritans that simply stopped by to help with the clean-up and donate their vehicles and trailers to haul away the wreckage.

Mayor Steve Christie was also working along-side these “angels” who allowed us to get our yard and driveway back into functioning condition.

We were thoroughly impressed and thankful for the generosity of these individuals and would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who pitched in and assisted in our time of need.

Tammy and James Andruski,