Community shares obligation

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Dear Editor,


In view of the current debate over Lacombe’s solid waste management practices, the letter written by Margrit de Graff warrants serious consideration. Ms. de Graff outlines an enviable lifestyle, which embraces and respects the environment.

A lifestyle, which includes composting, recycling, water conservation and no pesticide use. I strongly agree that when residents realize we have a moral obligation to environmental protection, the problems with waste management will be resolved. To facilitate a more efficient and environmentally responsible approach to waste management the necessary infrastructure is mandatory.

The city’s recent waste audit shows that more than two-thirds of house waste thrown out in Lacombe was recyclable and compostable material. Thus, current management systems are not working and despite resistance, the city has been striving to design AND implement an improved, integrated system with innovative composting approaches. Also, recognizing that Lacombe citizens must be more responsible, the city has undertaken a comprehensive public awareness campaign. I applaud these efforts by the City of Lacombe and when residents and city council finally become aware of the importance of the environment we can move ahead with the implementation of a world-class waste management system.

Gordon Greer,