A common goal

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The issue of whether or not the city should help the Lacombe Athletic Park Association (LAPA) more caused a flurry of response.


Don Gustafson, LAPA past president and current member, brings up a critical point (see story on Page 2) when he said it’s not “us against them.” It’s not the city against the LAPA.

Gustafson said everyone should work together for the betterment of this fine community.

And he’s right.

The athletic park and field house are incredible facilities, that, as LAPA member Fred Knip points out in his letter (see page 9), draws people to Lacombe from across the province.

Clearly, this brings spin-off benefits for many local businesses.

Gustafson points out that this fine facility is owned by the City of Lacombe and he found council’s negative comments (in last week’s Globe) to be insulting.

He also said that the LAPA didn’t know that their request was going to be sent to city council.

Coun. Grant Creasey, who is on the recreational board, said if the LAPA wasn’t aware that its request was going to be sent to city council, then there are some significant communication issues at city hall.

One thing, however, is certain, the athletic park and field house is a tremendous asset to this city. Many volunteers have worked tirelessly to make this facility a reality. In addition, sponsors have stepped up to the plate and helped fund it. Both the county and the city have also invested into its success.

Moving forward, the slate needs to be wiped clean. Harsh and hurtful comments made by councillors need to be put aside by the LAPA. As well, the city needs to figure out if there was a miscommunication with administration, the rec board, and council.

Afterall, everyone has the common goal of wanting to make Lacombe the best city in Alberta.

– Lisa Joy