Showing teamwork on and off the field

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In sports cooperation and teamwork are paramount to success at every level. Teammates, coaches, and training staff must work together to achieve a common goal.


On June 22, employees of the Inter Pipeline fund will be showcasing these skills at their seventh annual company Slo-Pitch tournament at the Mitchner Recreation Park in Lacombe.

In addition to showing off their teamwork in the field, Inter Pipeline employees will be working with local businesses and charities to support the community.

Inter Pipeline will be working with the Central Alberta CO-OP and Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Lacombe to organize their tournament, but also to ensure that the city stands to benefit.

With over 200 guests expected to attend the tournament there is a substantial financial benefit to city.

In exchange for their help supervising the children, BBBS will be the beneficiary of the funds raised from raffle draws and charitable donations.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters is helping us by supplying the child-minding services,” said Ron Brenton, event organizer and Maintenance Scheduler at Inter Pipeline. “We have over 60 children under the age of 16 this year. In exchange we are going to supply them a compensation package. In addition we usually have a raffle and 50/50 draws. Most if not all of the profits from that draw will go to BBBS. It’s a great organization that could use our support”

Crystal Zens, of BBBS Lacombe says the event is a great opportunity to raise funds and have fun.

“The city actually approached us and connected us together,” she said. “The city knows we are always in need of fundraising and support. It was an opportunity to do some summer fundraising in be involved in a fun community event.”

Central Alberta CO-OP is providing food for the event at discounted rate so that as much of the remaining budget for the event can go towards the cause.

“Interline wants to support the community as much as they possibly can,” said Leenell Harding, manager. “Since we are member owned and community minded we wanted to help them out because that’s what we do.”

Although the tournament is supposed to be for fun, Brenton says in all likelihood the participants will have the competitive fires burning.

“It’s our companies non-competitive softball tournament,” he said. “However, like any sports event that has men involved it becomes competitive.”

Despite whatever happens on the field, you can be assured that the message of teamwork between all involved will be heard loud and clear.

“These people are true small town support that you don’t get anywhere else,” said Brenton. “It’s unbelievable the assistance and support they have offered us so that we in turn can go and support the community.”