Students show their talents

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Lacombe is full of wonderfully talented people and the students at the Lacombe Outreach School is no different.

On June 4, the school held its fifth annual art show and the work the junior high and high school students put together was astounding.

“The kids here are all really talented artists,” said Travis Mills, the students’ teacher. “We put on this art show for the kids to get more confidence in their work and themselves.”

Students were able to submit any piece of art they wanted and the results spoke for themselves. The were plenty of paintings, sculptures and sketches on display. Not to mention some delicious treats prepared by the homes class.

“There is a little bit of everything,” said Mills. “We really encourage the kids to be themselves and sometimes they push the limits a little bit, sometimes they dont, but they are always growing their skills.”

In the future the Lacombe Outreach School Art Show is looking to expand the show further to include photography.