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Regarding Scott Lewis' March 1 letter

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank Scott Lewis for his letter of March 1. I was beginning to think that most everyone agreed with me and therefore there were no challengers.


I would like to clarify some points that Scott seems to be having problems with. I do not feel morally superior to anyone and I know many non-Christians do lead a better moral life than I, but the Christian faith is exclusive because of Jesus Christ; our history is divided into that which comes before the birth of Jesus, B.C., and that which comes after, as A.D.

The Jesus I worship is alive, as witnessed by his own followers and many other witnesses that saw him alive after he had been crucified. All other deities of other religions are either dead or made of stone or wood. Many of Christ's teachings are also exclusive. To not resist insults, to love your enemies, to not commit adultery, to practice celibacy before marriage, to not lie or steal and to honour our parents.

It is difficult to imagine the kind of world we would be living in if people would practice these moral values – no school shootings, no mothers or fathers killing their own children, no broken homes or homeless children, no sexually transmitted diseases, nor rural or urban crimes. Everyone could leave their homes and vehicles unlocked. Many non-Christians practice these values and I would like to live in a world where everyone practiced them.

As for climate change I do not say that science is wrong but suggest that all the evidence is not being used to reach the conclusion that carbon and greenhouse gases are the main or only cause of this global climate change and that man should be able to correct it. Our climate has been changing for as long as there has been recorded history, and some changes were drastic.

The economies of the world and our prosperity are dependent on science and the discoveries science has made. Healthcare and the technology that has given us the ability to live longer and more productive lives, the technology to create cell phones and other interventions not thought of in the 19th century. It is science that has made it possible for agriculture, with very few people on the land, to feed the world.

Western European and North American democracies have thrived because of differences of opinion. It is these differences of opinion that have allowed us to find ways to harness our natural resources for the benefit of the whole world. And yes, I do believe that an all-knowing God created the universe and has blessed the world with the discovery and the use of our natural resources. This includes our abundance of air, water, agricultural lands to feed us and even special areas for recreation.

In my letter I also mentioned abortions. Current stats for either Canada or U.S. were hard to find, costs to the Canadian healthcare system were non-existent, but B.C. in 2004 had 14,738 abortions, in all of Canada it was 40,000. You can draw your own conclusions as to what that cost might have been both mental and dollar wise.

There is another cost to the economy that no one wants to talk about. It is the cost to the healthcare system for sexually transmitted diseases. There was nothing to be found for Canada, but if we use U.S. stats and divide by 10 it would be 1.6 billion per year for Canada – this does not include the cost for HIV. A couple of years ago, CBC identified the cost of keeping one HIV patient alive for one year at $250,000. Some months later in another news broadcast they announced a new treatment had been developed that only cost $10,000 and if taken regularly could even prevent HIV. If Christian values were practiced there would be no need for these costs, because there would be no unwanted pregnancies or STDs.

Canada has spent millions on advertising and collected millions of tax dollars from smokers to discourage smoking, now they are promoting and legalizing smoking pot. If that isn't being hypocritical what is? Pleasure and money are used to cover up many sins.

Scott Lewis and I may disagree on many things but we should be grateful for all the blessings we both share in this great country of Canada.

-George Friesen,

Lacombe, Alta. 

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