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Calkins: Liberal Budget long on fluff, short on substance

Blaine Calkins, MP Red Deer - Lacombe issued the following statement regarding the Liberal budget:

“The Trudeau budget is another do nothing budget for Alberta families, businesses, and our resource sectors” said MP Calkins. Budget 2018 is increasing our deficit, adding red tape and more roadblocks to our industries by making us less competitive with the United States”


For example the Liberals are spending $109 million dollars to force people to pay their carbon tax but only investing a paltry sum of money in the RCMP to combat crime and doing nothing to help out justice system and protect law abiding Canadians.


The Liberal budget leaves behind our resource and agriculture industries while spending billions of dollars outside of Canada. The Liberals are basing their projections for commodity prices on pie in the sky economics in complete contrast to industry projections.


Justin Trudeau has broken his promise to Canadians that he would run modest deficits, he is running an $18 billion deficit this year, which is about $500 more per person this year andeach man, woman and child now owes about $1,600 dollars more in debt since the Liberals have come to office” said Calkins.


Business investment is leaving Alberta at a record pace while Justin Trudeau delivers a budget that panders to every liberal and left leaning advocacy group in Canada. “There is no investment to help out farmers get their commodities to market, no plan to balance the budget and there is no plan if NAFTA goes off the rails” said Calkins. 

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