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 Santa Claus/Special to the Lacombe Globe

Santa Claus is on his way to Lacombe's Light up the Night!

Santa Claus is on his way to Lacombe's Light up the Night!

Hey kids!


I hear that the girls and boys in Lacombe have all been good this year! The elves have been checking in on you all from time to time and have been quite impressed. I’m very pleased to hear that!

Things are a bit hectic here at the North Pole. We’ve been hard at work getting ready for the Big Day! The toy shop is a busy, buzzing hive of activity, with the elves working as quickly as they can – hammering, sawing, chiseling, gluing and wrapping the many, many, many toys I’ll be delivering on Christmas Eve. There’s wrapping paper and ribbons everywhere, and gift boxes piled up in every corner!

The reindeer are raring to take off on their magical flight around the world, but I want to take them on a shakedown run first to get them prepared for such a long trip. We’ll be coming to your charming little city on November 23rd to take part in the Tim Hortons Santa Claus Parade, and the magical Tree Lighting ceremony. I’m also looking forward to taking pictures with you afterwards!

It will be wonderful to see you all again. I must say that Rudolph can hardly contain his excitement; his little red nose is glowing like a beacon! It can be quite useful, that shiny nose, especially in those dark, foggy nights.

I’ve also been going over my list to make sure every child is accounted for. If you have not sent me your letter, please do so soon. You can even bring it to the parade and give it to the nice Canada Post folks; they’ll make sure I get it. I wouldn’t want to miss making a stop at your house this year!

Well, I had better get back to work – so much to do. I can hear Mrs. Claus is calling for me to try on my red suit. She thinks it won’t fit after all the delicious cookies and mince pies and creamy eggnog left out for me last year. Ho! Ho! Ho!

See you all at the parade!

-Santa Claus 

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