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County roads need improvement

Ruts pictured on R.R. 274 recently. (Photo supplied)

Ruts pictured on R.R. 274 recently. (Photo supplied)

Dear Editor,


10 years ago when we moved here the roads were in much better shape.

In 2008 the county to start “Highway 2 West Area Structure Plan” where all the land on the west side of Hwy2 between Aspelund Road and Hwy 12 would be converted to commercial/industrial land.

Since then R.R. 274 in that area has been getting worse every year. The so-called gravel they put down is round rocks (3/4 to 2 inch) and fines (dust). Round rock does not pack and that much fines are like a sponge with rain and when it is dry the dust can be dangerous for other drivers visibility and a health concern for animals and people.

Anything I can find about the best gravel for a road surface suggests: 3/4 inch crushed, sand (1/4 inch and under) and only 10-15 per cent fines. The crushed rock and sand will compact to a hard surface.

We all have talked to the county about our concerns and nothing has changed. In fact it gets worse. There are numerous county vehicles traveling this road every day. They know the condition of it.

The road is nearly impassable after the rain at times. This is not a good situation in case of an emergency. What if an ambulance gets stuck on the way to help someone. Or if the ruts in the road catch the driver off guard and cause a head on collision with possible casualties. All of this is not worth skimping on gravel. R.R. 274 is a fairly high traffic road and is severely neglected.

When the weather is dry the exact opposite occurs. There are so many fines in the road mix that when the silver bullet (milk semi truck and trailer) passes you are virtually blind by all the dust in the air.

This is also a very high concern for us. We can’t keep our horses in the fields next to that road too long as they start having respiratory problems and start coughing. The cows don’t seem to be as bad but we worry about their health from all the dust.

Some of our family has lung problems as well that are exasperated. Forget taking the kids for a walk, it is too dangerous and bad for their health.

Lacombe County roads are the worst I have seen. Lacombe County should be ashamed. They do not care about the safety of the people that live in their district especially between Aspelund and Hwy 12, they want all this area to be commercial/industrial. They want all the farmers out of the area! Our school bus has a very hard time driving down R.R. 274 to pick up our child for school. I have a lot of trouble sliding and almost getting stuck going to work. The road is getting worse every year! Can there be anything done to the road to make it drive able? I would be very worried if there was anyone in need of an ambulance in life and death emergency. They would not have a hope with the road in this condition.

- Les Berry,

Lacombe County 

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